Poultry Feed Supplement


Vitamino Powder
A feed premix of multivitamins & trace minerals to prevents vitamin & mineral deficiency
Prevents vitamin & mineral deficiency and gives quick relief from the stress caused due to:
Vaccinations, Debeaking, Deworming, Disease, Transportation, Shifting, Climatic, disturbances High & low productions Summer etc.
Broiler premix.
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Poultry Health Tonic


Anfaplex Liquid
Effective prevention against perosis muscular dystrophy. Increases egg production and body weights. Ensures relief from all kinds of stress. Enhances body weights in broilers. Improves the fertility and hatchability Vitamin-B Complex with Chorine Chloride,L-Lysin & DL methionine.
Increases general health & disease resistance.
Ensures Relief From All Kind of Stress.
Better Egg Production in Layers.
Improves Fertility & Hatchability in Breeders.
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ARNIMALS | scifiKIDS | Augmented Reality India | Innovare


ScifiKids brings cutting edge technology to your palmtop. More importantly, it is for you to get your children ready for a dynamic future.

We at ScifiKids believe technology and education go hand in hand. That is why we developed ScifiKids ALPHABETS which teaches your kids in an immersive way. It is so immersive that you start spending more quality time with your kids.



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Custom Cardboard Display Boxes


We offer custom cardboard display boxes solution to meet your individual product and business requirements. We offer standard and custom display box solutions. Talk to our expert design team today, just tell us your requirements and we will do the rest for you.

Cardboard Display Boxes


We stock a large variety of cardboard display boxes and retail display boxes. Guaranteed to boost sales we delivery immaculate quality in terms of design and manufacturing these boxes. Talk to our experts today to discuss your business requirements.

Cardboard Box Manufacturers


Packagingblue is one of the leading cardboard box manufacturers in the USA and is committed to provide premium manufacturing for individual business needs. We make standard and custom-printed boxes for any product specification.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Manufacturers


With over 20+ years of experience, we are one the premier corrugated cardboard box manufacturers in the region. With our cutting edge technology and experienced design team, we guarantee a personalized solution for your business within your budget.

Custom Box Manufacturers


With over 20+ years of experience, we are one the premier custom box manufacturers in the region. With our cutting edge technology and experienced design team, we guarantee a personalized solution for your business within your budget.