Organic Mango Body Butter

Organic Mango Body Butter is an extract from the fruit kernels of the Mango tree. It is an excellent natural organic skin care product with a creamy color and a mild scent.
Mango Body Butter has natural softening properties and is a great moisturizer. This butter is solid at room temperature but melts upon contact with skin. The butter is carefully refined and can be used to combine with other products to make creams, lotions, and soaps. Mango Body Butter is long-lasting and has a deeply revivify effect for dry skin cells.
Benefits of Mango Body Butter:
• Keep Your Skin Plump And Youthful
• Treats Eczema & Psoriasis
• Calm Down Insect Bites and Reduce Scars
• Moisturizes Hair
• Soothes Sunburn
• Battle acne
• Great Substitute for Shea or Cocoa Butter
• 100% Waterless Formulation. Contains Vitamins, Super rich fatty acids, and antioxidants.
• Serves as a great protective barrier from UV rays and so minimizes the aging process.
How to Use Mango Butter:
• over moistened skin right after shower. Pay special attention to concerned spots like elbows and knees.
• Take some butter on your palm and rub it on your skin until it absorbed.
• To keep your mango butter lasting longer, it’s best to store it in a dark and cool place.
• Mango body butter is naturally hard; it takes a little extra effort to get so rubbed it into your skin.
• Use Mango Butter with Lavender essential oil, aloe vera gel and avocado oil to moisturize hair.
• Peppermint oil, aloe vera gel, and Mango Butter can help in soothe sunburn.